Prophetic Acceleration with Perry Stone

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Mar 2, 2023 11:05:00 PM

Question - We have seen so many changes over the last three years, and much of it seems to be escalating more and more. Is this a sign of the End Times, and why?

Answer - Birth pangs (Matt. 24:8) are associated with “prophetic acceleration.” For example, Jesus lived 30 years before beginning his public ministry. He then ministered freely for 3 ½ years. When His “hour was come” (John 13:1), He was suddenly arrested, scourged, and crucified. As the signs of the times emerge, they combine for a specific moment of actual fulfillment. As we move to the numerous fulfillments, there will be an acceleration in wars, famines, earthquakes, and plagues (Matt. 24:6-7) and mark specific events. These are the seasons of the birth pangs. More sudden changes will come and manifest much faster than in any previous season.    

Question - What is the prophetic significance of the things we are seeing happen in the world right now, and why is it important that we understand the times and seasons we are walking in?

Answer - Understanding and discerning the signs and significant prophetic events prevent a Christian from living in ignorance and walking in spiritual darkness. If we ignore these monumental signs, we become a candidate for being unaware of Christ’s sudden return (1 Thess. 5:4). Not every negative natural disaster or political shaking is a direct, biblical, prophetic fulfillment. Still, some events can play a part in forming a bigger picture in the future. God said His people were “destroyed for lack of knowledge” (Hosea 4:6). Daniel was told in the time of the end, “…knowledge shall be increased” (Dan. 12:4). God wants us to study, learn, and understand the times. Jesus rebuked the Pharisees for not discerning the signs of the times (Matt. 16:3). This should make it clear that Christ desires us to know and discern the signs and not be ignorant of Satan’s devices or the signs of the end.

Question - What is the key to walking out our faith in the coming years?

Answer - According to the second coming parables and warnings in the epistles, we will need three things working in our lives in the future. From Luke 18:1-8 we know we will need to be steadfast and persistent to hold on to our faith when we pray and not give up on the answer when it is delayed. We also must remove what I call “the quit option.” Too many Christians are being offended or hurt and drop out of the race, allowing the devil to win by default. Paul taught us to “hold fast” to our faith, confession, and confidence (Heb. 3:6; 4:14; 10:23). We should never quit and never give up. Remember, Lot’s wife looked back and got stuck in one spot, never making it out of the judgment zone (Gen. 19:26). The third key will be having patience, or the ability to endure hardness and suffering, remaining steadfast when everything around us is going crazy. These three, faith, holding fast, and patience, are the spiritual keys to walking out our faith in the days ahead.

Question - What is the Lord showing you about 2023?

Answer - There is a separation between the true remnant of Christians, who are wise and expecting the bridegroom’s return, and those who are like the five foolish virgins, totally unprepared for what is ahead (Matt. 25). I am also concerned about the younger generation and their ignorance of the Antichrist - Beast system - including future technology leading to a cashless economic system. I believe that without biblical revelation being imparted into their minds and hearts, they will readily accept a mark or number, being impressed (and not reject) a living speaking “image of the beast” (Rev. 13:11-18). I consider 2023 a repositioning and new positioning of churches and ministries to discover and renew their assignments and focus on their specific calling. Changes are coming to America and the nations, and the Church must be prepared to minister to people paralyzed by fear, who feel a sense of hopelessness, and who need to believe that God is with them. New doors will open, and many new forms of ministry outreaches will be available in the future.

Question - Over the last few years, we’ve had some difficult seasons. How is this an opportunity for the Church to take new ground and share the hope we have in Christ with those that have felt alone, lost, and hopeless?

Answer - Throughout history, when America was near economic bankruptcy, war, or after a huge disaster, a great awakening or a revival was unleashed. The Azusa Street Revival in 1906 occurred right after the horrible San Francisco earthquake! We are promised that God will pour out His Spirit in the last days (Acts 2:16-17). The Church should be praying for and anticipating this momentous, global event. The unchurched and unbelievers are searching and coming up empty. We must be ready to answer their questions, including engaging in the controversial ones, giving them our testimony as to why we are serving Christ and sharing with them what the Bible teaches is coming in the future. We have a tremendous opportunity to be there through television and social media.

Question - Difficult seasons often bring to light issues that aren’t being addressed. What are some ways that the Church can be salt and light right now, and what has God put in your heart to impact in 2023?

Answer - I have noted that many of the younger mega-church pastors seem apprehensive to expose their people to any prophetic message, as they consider the messages “negative.” This is unfair to the people, who need to understand prophetic times. Others are focused only on reaching a specific “type” of Christian and avoid ministering to the down and out; as board members say, “those poor people can’t pay the bills.” This must all change. We must go back to loving one another and loving people. We must answer what we believe and why we believe it. Our light (walk) speaks louder than our words. Salt makes people thirsty. We must make people thirsty for the things of God instead of spending time finding fault.


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