From The Desk of Marcus Lamb: December 2021

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Dec 1, 2021 2:30:00 PM

Dear Partners & Friends!

What an incredible year it has been here at ­Daystar Television! In 2021 we continued to expand and spread the Gospel into more homes than ever before. And all because of you, our faithful partners!

Now, we are about to celebrate one of the most wonderful seasons of the year – Christmas!

Why? Because of the birth of Christ our Savior!

After 2000 years, Jesus is still inviting the hungry, hurting, and helpless to join Him at the banqueting table of life (Matthew 11:28-30). His glorious life-filling Spirit (Shekinah) is still spilling out extravagantly upon – and indwelling – all who truly seek him. We celebrate Christmas because it’s the beginning and end of all Christian belief. Your life, my life, every Christian’s life is founded in the birth of Christ. If Christ had not been born, then any road, any religion would get us there. Because of His birth, life, death, and resurrection ALL men have hope (1Peter 1:3).

God the Creator did His most extraordinary work in the creation of a baby born of a virgin. No other birth in all creation has ever rivaled the birth of God’s Son Jesus. Out of Mary’s womb He exploded – transforming all that came in contact with Him. Out of the ordinary the Father birthed the extraordinary. This “very God and very man” came into a world that was filled with sin and lack; yet, the Christ Child possessed undiluted divinity and unadulterated humanity to change the unchangeable in man (John 1:1; Luke 19:10). This “I AM (Gr-ego eimi)” came to bring joy through salvation to the “I am nothings” of this world.

That is our prayer for you today. That Christ’s extraordinary, transforming grace, love, and joy fill your life, home, and family during this glorious holiday season.

From Joni and me, and the entire Lamb family—Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Yours For Christian Television,

Marcus D. Lamb
Founder & President
Daystar Television Network

P.S. As 2021 comes to an end, we want to take a moment to thank you for all your prayers and support. Your generous donations helped us share the Gospel with millions of people around the world, including Israel. Please include a special year-end gift to help us fulfill the Great Commission in an even greater way—seeing more people accept Christ, find hope and deliverance than ever before.

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