Exploring 5782

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Jan 11, 2022 3:29:00 PM

It is the year 5782 on the biblical / Hebrew calendar, and the year 2022 on the Grecian calendar. So a double whammy of twos!

This is the 2nd year of the decade of the Pey. Pey is the Hebrew letter equivalent to the number 80. We are in the decade of the Pey (the mouth). The word Pey in Hebrew means mouth.

I believe this decade in the 80’s will be a decade of seeing and tasting the goodness of the Lord. Psalm 34 says Moses saw the land but Joshua tasted the fruit!

This is a decade where we as believers will not cover our mouths, but rather testify and be testimonies of God’s faithfulness and omnipotence.

5782 converges with 2022 in a couple of neat ways. All of the Hebrew letters are also equivalent to numbers, so every name is a number too. It is essentially a language of Heaven.

The letter Pey is equal to the 80’s. The letter Bet is equal to 2.

If you look at the two letters you can literally see the letter Bet within the letter Pey. It’s amazing to see the convergence of 2022 into 5782.

Just like the two letters have converged so will the environments around us. The hidden agenda is going to be uncovered this year. They are calling good evil and evil good, but it is being revealed to those of us who have eyes to see. The light of Jesus is going to expose the real agendas of both the godly and ungodly.

This two in 5782 reminds us that:
Moses took Joshua with him to receive the Ten Commandments on TWO tablets
TWO thieves on the cross that were saved
TWO angels witnessed the resurrection
TWO angels witnessed the ascension of the Lord

It’s also the year 2022. There are 22 letters in the Hebrew alphabet. There are 22 chapters in the Book of Revelation. The word Light is used 22 times in the gospel of John. The 22nd time word “Light” is used, he is quoting Jesus and He says, “I have come as LIGHT into the world” (John 12:46). This year will be a year of Light made manifest to mankind! This decade is about having a different MOUTH and a different SPIRIT than the rest of the world.

This is the year of being separate, but this is also the year of being assembled as the family of God. There is an anointing that is going to show up on the body of Yeshua as we assemble as brothers in unity set apart from the world in pursuit of God. There is a true separation that can feel like loneliness but it is NOT loneliness it is EXCLUSIVENESS. There is an invitation from the Lord this year to press into His things. It’s a year of recognizing the presence of God in our own lives. This is a year that the hidden things becomes manifest.

Bet hidden in Pey will be revealed this year.

I believe the hidden things in our hearts will be revealed this year when we believe in faith and commission those things with the declaration of our mouths (Pey). God’s secret plan is going to be revealed in your life as you seek Him and set yourself apart from the world. You can’t be wrapped up in the world or remain lukewarm. This hidden letter Bet in the letter Pey is being revealed in 5782. But you can be a faithful witness when you are truly set apart for Christ.