Naomi Project

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Jul 3, 2024 4:00:00 PM

The Naomi Project:

Daystar had the honor of sponsoring 1000 children to experience a day at the National Leadership Center, guided by Biblical principles of leadership.

The Leadership Center Program PTSD and Resilience Training helps participants experience true healing by breaking behavioral patterns of avoidance, withdrawal, and apathy. A therapist recently exclaimed, "3 months of therapy can be accomplished in one day at the NLC because it accelerates one’s willingness to open up and communicate!”

About JH Israel

For the last 14 years, JH Israel has been making a remarkable impact in Israel through the National Leadership Center (NLC). They host a unique outdoor education facility built on a 142-acre property in Ariel, Israel, the capital of Samaria. They’ve welcomed over 120,000+ participants, most of them students and youth entering the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). They have taken part in a unique educational experience that helps them internalize the biblical faith of Abraham, David, Joshua, and the heroes of Scripture. Over the years, this extraordinary center has carried out its mission to collaborate with Israeli leaders in innovative educational initiatives to provide a biblical, values-based program that will impact Israel's next generation of leaders.